Float therapy (or sensory deprivation) finds you laying in a pod/pool with 400kgs of Epsom salts. The air and water temperature are set to 34.5 degrees, the resting skin temp. Designed in a way to remove the sensation of your body, when the light is turned off it provides a space for deep relaxation removing all sensations of the body.

The epsom salts are a natural muscle relaxant rich in magnesium. Allowing the body to let go and lowering your cortisol levels for the mind to follow. Floatation therapy is ultimately a tool for total relaxation and to create communication with how you feel. Decluttering the mind and body of any unwanted tension.

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People float for;

Mind-fullness | Meditation | Stress | Pain | Over stimulation | Lack of sleep (1 hour of float therapy equivalent to 4-8 hours of sleep.)

People float clinically for;

Fibromyalgia | Arthritis (Rheumatoid) | Joint pain | PTSD | Anxiety | Depression |Insomnia

Our City Cave Float Rooms

Our City Cave float rooms were created to be an inviting and relaxing experience. Unlike traditional tanks you get the same experience without being in a confined capsule/tank. We have infrared panels above the water to ensure the temperature is consistent.. The light & sound set to your liking as to accommodate for personal preferences (generally in the peace and quiet that is sensory deprivation).

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Float Intro Pack - 3 x Floats $149

As a first timer, 3 is generally the rule when it comes to getting the total benefit and understanding. New customers can trial the amazing experience for only $48 per float! **Only available to new customers**

Single Standard Float 60 Mins $79

Couple's Floating 

Floating as partner's brings a new level of intimacy to a couple's relationship. Depriving your senses together increases your physical and emotional connection, and ultimate unifies you in a totally unique way. Combining couple floating with induvidual floating deepens thought and opens up your mind for understanding.

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Couple's Float 60 Mins $89

Our couples float has been created as a way for people to connect with their partner in fresh and mindful way, choose to have meditation music the whole time or enjoy the traditional silence and sensory deprivation.