Float Services

Through sensory deprivation and the healing properties of epsom salts, floatation therapy aids in neurological, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, muscular skeletal, hormonal balance as well as personal growth and healing. The epsom salt is a muscle relaxer as well as an anti-inflammatory mineral that helps your body detoxify. Floatation therapy is a peaceful, eye opening way for your body and mind to recover.

City Cave Float & Wellness Centre offers a variety of float services to accommodate for everyone. With float rooms available, along with couple's floating we are here to make your float experience unique and personal. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us here

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Float Rooms

Float rooms are much like a standard bath tub, but much larger. At City Cave we have relaxing float rooms for those who don't wish to float in the traditional tank. We have infrared panels above the water to ensure you never get too hot or too cold. Your body is suspended, allowing you to float in the water. The light & sound in the room are set to your liking as to accommodate for your preferences. Float rooms are recommended to people with certain disabilities, injuries or claustrophobia.

Single Standard Float 60 Mins $79

Flotation Therapy is essentially a way of achieving deep relaxation by spending one hour lying quietly in either complete darkness, or soft subdued lighting. Your body is fully suspended in a warm solution of Epsom salts. 

Float Intro Pack - 3 x Floats $149

Discover how amazing floatation therapy with our Intro Pack. New customers can trial the amazing experience for only $48 per float! **Only available to new customers**

Couple's Floating 

Floating as partner's brings a new level of intimacy to a couple's relationship. Depriving your senses together increases your physical and emotional connection, and ultimate unifies you in a totally unique way. Combining couple floating with induvidual floating deepens thought and opens up your mind for understanding.

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Couple's Float 60 Mins $89

Our couples float has been created as a way for people to connect with their partner in fresh and mindful way, choose to have meditation music the whole time or enjoy the traditional silence and sensory deprivation.


  • Improves sleep & ability to rest

  • Increases levels of dopamine & endorphins in the body resulting in a happier sense of self

  • Increases creativity & opens up the mind for problem solving abilities 

  • Reduces lactic acid build up

  • Promotes deeper meditation

  • Reduces cortisol levels, which directly effect your stress levels 

  • Aids with anxiety & depression

  • By depriving your senses, your clarity of thought increases 

  • Speeds up the recovery time of injuries & muscle ache

  • Improves your circulation of oxygen 

  • Allows you to focus on your breathing which reduces your blood pressure

  • Increases motivation 

  • Works to prevent future injuries 

  • Floating as a couple brings serenity to relationships