Lloyd- The Yoga Giant

I have been teaching yoga for about 6 years and practicing for around 9.  I draw from many things as inspiration for my teaching, some quite traditional and some not.  The Anusara Yoga Method is my main inspiration when I teach.  The alignment principles and philosophy really speak to me on a personal level and they are the foundation for my own unique style of yoga.

Coming from a sports background which later became an injured background, I teach yoga from a place of deep compassion toward the body.  I don’t feel the need to push or force bodies towards some exterior goal.  The aim of my yoga classes are to bring attention and awareness to the body while connecting students to deeper parts of themselves using philosophy.  I try to make every class balanced with postures and movements designed to strengthen and fortify while also facilitating a release of tension (either physical or energetic).

All bodies and experience levels are welcome in my classes.