Moonstone Yoga Rachel Rosenberg

A yoga & meditation practice has always been something that has drifted in and out of my life when I needed it most. After spending 10 months travelling in France, I reconnected with yoga again and I knew in my heart that this is something I wanted to dive into and explore completely. Movement has always been extremely important to me, having always done some form of sport throughout my life. The practice of yoga took movement to the next level through the integration of mind, body, diet, breath and spirituality. I am particularly passionate about how the breath influences our entire being – our energy, hormones & mental state. I love the community that yoga creates; while it is an individual path for each person, it is also the thread that connects us all together. 

Each time I practice I learn more about myself and it is a great joy to share that with others. I hope to bring my bubbly personality into each class, to challenge students to push themselves either mentally or physically – but also to encourage that they allow themselves to rest, restore and relax fully. I like to support people to move more intuitively or in a way that suits their body. I think now, in what is often a fast-paced world, we need that Yin & Yang balance in our lives.