I started practicing Pilates as a way to to give my brain a break and attempt to keep my chair molded butt in shape whilst studying my degree in Nutrition. I found it was the perfect way to find a bit of calm whilst still getting the burn of a great work out. 

I also discovered that it brought me so much more awareness of my body in day to day life, hello better posture. And I saw benefits extend to other fitness activities- the correct muscle activation I learnt from Pilates helped me get better results at the gym, with increase core stability and body balance seeing my performance on the field improve (and injuries decrease).  

And the above benefits are no coincidence, regular Pilates practice has been found to: 

  • Increase flexibility 

  • Improve mobility

  • Increase body strength 

  • Tone muscles 

  • Increase circulation 

  • Strengthen the body’s core

All of which can help improve posture and decrease muscle imbalances (and therefore injury), not to mention uncover those hidden abs. 

I truly believe that health isn’t just what you’re eating. It’s how you’re moving and what you’re thinking and saying to yourself, and others. By focusing on integrative medicine (taking into account the whole person and their lifestyle) and combining nutritional medicine with the total body conditioning practice of Pilates it’s possible to achieve a healthy mind and body.

No wonder it didn’t take long for my love of Pilates to turn into a fully fledged passion which saw me complete my Mat and Reformer Instructor Training soon after I completed my Nutrition degree. 

My aim for every class is to help empower everyone to believe in their own strength (regardless of how limited they believe it to be when they first walk in), to support them in pushing themselves a little bit further than yesterday and to make sure they all walk away with a smile on their face (and maybe a bit of a sore butt).

There is absolutely no age limit on my classes, I have been fortunate enough to work with people from as young as 12 to as wise as 65.  Just as the creator Joseph Pilates said himself, you are only as young as your spine is flexible.

If you are unsure if pilates is right for you (it is), feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have or discuss any pre existing injuries. I am more than happy to answer any question and address any concerns before your first class. I always tailor class programming to suit individual physical ability, and as your body changes, adjust accordingly for your new found strength and mobility. 

See you on a mat soon!