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Voll-electroacupuncture health assessment and therapy,
Allergy test, Bemer magnetic therapy,
Lymphatic massage , Ear acupunctural addictology, Reiki,






Elisabeth Adamek is an experienced naturopath with a holostic view. She was employed
at one of the major hospitals in Budapest, Hungary and has an over 20 years experience. She
is the author of several articles, held talks on healthy lifestyle, detoxication and spiritual
Her basic principles are the need to heal the body, mind and spirit as a whole, as every
human being was born to be healthy and happy.
Elisabeth uses Voll-elctroacupuncture health assessment and therapy to gain an
overall view of the health conditions of the body which allowes her to point out
disorders and distubances. With the allergy test she detects the potential need for
immune enhancing, also helps to suggests a proper diet and the necessary vitamins.
She advises various therapies, which re-establish the self-healing mechinism of the
body system.
Elisabeth uses Bemer magnetic therapy to heal bones and wounds, it also helps the
satisfactory oxygen supply to the body. The therapy treats rheumatic problems,
disorders of the circulatory system and the metabolism, skin problems and pains
throughout the body.
By practicing lymphatic massage she strengthens the immune system by ensuring
proper lymphatic flow and also helps the process of detoxication.
Through kinesiology she uses a variety of techniques to detect the spiritual causes of
illnesses. She then removes blockages caused by emotional stress and helps to
create spiritual balance.
Through acupuncture Elisabeth releases the blockages of the body’s energy flow and
detoxifies the system.

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