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Jo & Leah are Naturopaths, Nutritionists & Facialists who believe balance is the key to good health. They specialise in gut health, skin, plant-based eating & hormonal conditions. Their double-barrelled approach of treating inside-out is of a truly holistic nature, giving them the edge to treating your health & skin concerns

A healthy outside starts from the inside and with this in mind, they made sure to cover both angles. Internally addressing issues like nutrition, gut health, lifestyle, stress, hormones & when needed, pathology tests to dig a little deeper; whilst externally utilising customisable, medical grade skin care products, corrective facials, LED light therapy & skin needling. 

Having met throughout their studies, Jo & Leah soon came to the realisation that there was a gap in the market. By concentrating solely on the external health of skin, as most do, there was a glaringly obvious missing link from an internal aspect. The body is interconnected in every single area; so having a 'beautiful' gut and digestive tract, as well as balanced healthy hormones & using food as medicine, can pave the way to a glowing and radiant complexion.

Originally from the UK but now Brisbane based for 15-years, Jo discovered a passion for nutrition after a loss in the family, which sparked her interest in the science behind healthy eating & complementary/natural medicine.

Leah has been in the hair and beauty industry for over 25 years, so combining both her passions of beauty and a healthy lifestyle was a natural fit. Whilst Leah was a hairdresser, she had an unhealthy relationship with food, back issues and living off of Panadol for the pain. Figuring there was more to life, she changed her career and followed her passion of food by studying Nutrition.  

The girls are passionate about educating and empowering people to become the best versions of themselves, believing that life is all about balance. When one is out of sync, the others follow suit.

Jo & Leah are definitely not your average Naturopaths & like to think outside of the box when it comes to their personalised treatment plans.

Consult pricing:

Initial - $145

Follow up - $85

Extended - $95

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