Musculoskeletal Therapist | Samuel Minkin

Musculoskeletal Therapy is a highly advanced field of assessment and management of pain and movement dysfunction, treating a wide range of conditions. Treatments take a holistic approach assessing and treating joints, muscles, nerves, ranges of motion for short and long-term pain and injury. Musculoskeletal Therapy aims to treat the underlying cause and identify and eliminate contributing factors.

Initial consultations are generally longer and involve your Musculoskeletal practitoner taking a thorough health history to gain an idea of the factors surrounding your presenting issue. Once this is done you may be required to undertake a variety of orthopedic assessments to identify the source of pain and the factors predisposing you to the current condition. Your therapist will then undertake treatment (provided it is safe to do so) and does not require further referral. A treatment plan will be put in place to meet goals which are of importance to the patient.

Musculoskeletal Therapy Initial Consult $240

Initial consult with Sam is exclusive to a single session. Any appointments following your initial consultation are to be booked as a follow up consult.

Musculoskeletal Therapy Follow Up Consult $120

All appointments following your initial assessment priced from $95 for 45 minutes depending on treatment time needed.


Vagus Nerve Consult $80

Available upon request after Initial consultation 

All practitioners have a cancellation policy of 48 hours notice required prior to appointment. Any cancellations within this window will incur a cancellation fee that is specific to each practitioner.