Our Monthly Specials

Each month we will hold specials right here so keep your eyes peeled for what on this month


I got 99 problems but jet lag ain't one!

 Free yoga for a friend
Alright you bloody jet setters! Like we didn't see ALL of your Europe photos on Instagram!
We've created the perfect and affordable jet lag pack. You and your travel buddy can come and float away the pains of being squashed in a tiny seat for 18 hours+.
For $99 you and your bud can come get your float on
Thats right $49.5 each to reflect on all the good times you had without us. And get rid of that jet lag.

AUG Only. *BOOK IN you and your friend and tell the lovely float attendant of the amazing time you've had and float any time this month for $99 2 people

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The Anti-inflam pack!

In the theme of Jay-Z its $99 to get rid of any inflammation and reduce some stress.

Cort Rx and a float to really knock that stress out of this world!

Book in a float and grab a bottle of Cort Rx for only $99


AUG Only. *Book in online and when you pop into store grab the Cort Rx and tell the team 'I got 99 problems but stress ain't one!'.


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99 problems.gif

I got 99 problems but the kids ain't one

This ones for our mumma's

$99 for a 2 hour treatment

float and massage!

Nuff said! Drop the kids off, come to City Cave Mon-Fri for a blimmin' amazing 2 hour treatment. You can even tell the hubby its that cheap!

AUG Only *Phone bookings only (for co-ordination purposes) and Monday to Friday Phone; 33682207 or click below.