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Jesse Wells

Dip. Remedial Massage Therapy, Cert IV Massage Therapy Practice, Cert. Lvl 1 Dry Needle Therapy.

Utilising Remedial skills such as Trigger Pointing, MET’s (muscular energy techniques), various orthopaedic testing and targeted stretching and exercise recommendations, helping bring pain relief and comfort to the physical body.

A Dry needle specialist essentially uses the same needles as an acupuncturist, yet the focus is more in muscle release instead of energy flow. The needles work directly on the trigger point (or knot) without damaging healthy tissue around it.

massage mount gravatt

Samantha Bachman

Samantha is a dedicated and compassionate remedial massage therapist and metaphysical psychotherapist with advanced training in nutrition.

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Leticia Lozano

Leticia believes everyone should take time to care for their body and feel awesome about themselves.
Passionate about yoga and meditation, she is a remedial therapist with focus on healing tired and aching muscles.
She takes the time to understand her clients lifestyle, goals and plan their home care routine, with stretches and providing motivation, knowledge, service, and relaxation. “I'm grateful to see my clients wind down, relax and walk away less stressed.”
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