Claudia Kinesiology

Claudia Rodino

Kinesiology / Counsellor / Physiotherapist

Claudia brings to City Cave over 28 years of experience in the health industry. She is a Kinesiologist and a Counsellor and holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. With an extensive background in mindfulness, her therapeutic approach is related to physical, psychological, personal and spiritual development. 

She specialises in assisting people with personal change processes and is very passionate about this powerful method of evoking change in anyone’s life when they are ready and willing to make the change. She has helped many people reach their full potential by assisting them in reprogramming their physical and mental abilities to find their own power to reach their goals; whatever they might be. 

She assists people in any field they desire to improve…from changing habits, working through painful memories, succeeding in their career, losing weight, to finding that special someone – the opportunities are endless!  

She strongly believes that helping others in discovering this new awareness within them can create an infectiously positive and warm energy among people.