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Holistic Nutrition| Emma Morris

BHSc (Nut Med) BPsySc (hons)

Emma’s passion for health began when she was young, when she dedicated herself to the sport of swimming; competing nationally and training hard. She was fascinated at the influence her mental state could have on her performance in the pool. From there she explored the world of psychology, where she completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons). Having been active her whole life, her interest then shifted to the way physical movement affects mental health. She then completed her qualifications to become a Personal Trainer. After coaching many clients to better health in the gym, her focus again shifted to the power of nutrition for performance, mental health, and overall wellbeing. She completed her studies in Nutritional Medicine and became qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist.

Emma believes that knowledge is power, so her aim is to educate and empower her clients to take control of their health by listening to their body and giving it what it needs. She is passionate about finding the root cause of illness, rather than masking symptoms, and believes in evidence-based, individualised treatment for each client.

Although she treats a wide variety of conditions, Emma’s interests include treating depression and anxiety, fatigue, balancing hormone health and repairing the gut - which is intimately linked to mental health. 

Initial Assessment $165

Initial consult with Emma is exclusive to a single session. Any appointments following your initial consultation are to be booked as a follow up consult. Generally 60 minutes, can vary. 

 Follow Up Consultation $95

Follow up consults will generally take 30 minutes, can vary. Extended follow up consults are $120

All practitioners have a cancellation policy of 48 hours notice required prior to appointment. Any cancellations within this window will incur a cancellation fee that is specific to each practitioner.