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Kirsty Mason

We invite you to enter the cave and embark on an exclusive healing journey with Kirsty, through a range of healing modalities, that compliment your wellness on a holistic level.

Kirsty Mason is a warm, empathetic and generous soul and Mum of 3. Kirsty is a dedicated and passionate wellness consultant, focusing on mindset growth and holistic health.

With experience in a range of modalities, Kirsty works with the Mind; offering Life & Business Coaching, Body; offering energy healing sessions through Reiki, Crystals & Singing Bowls and with her advanced Aura Photography, you can see the shift in your energy in real time, making it a unique experience and a #ahealingyoucansee

For those who are seeking to make changes in their life or are ready to step into their full potential, Kirsty invites you to her signature Soul package; where you are working with a combination of all modalities, creating transformation on all levels of mind, body and soul.

Reiki 60min Session

- Standard pricing $110

- Cave Club member pricing $88

Reiki Session & Aura Reading 90min session

- Standard pricing $159

- Cave Club Member pricing $129

Aura Reading 45min session

- Standard pricing $65

- Cave Club Member pricing $55

Coaching 60 min session

- $120 per hour

- Free discovery session/call $0

Consults are exclusive to a single session. Any appointments following your initial consultation are to be booked as a follow up consult. 50 minute sessions+

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What are the benefits?

Reiki – Promotes harmony & balance on all levels, creates deep relaxation, lowering stress & tension in the body, shifts energy blocks, removes toxins, supports the immune system activates the body’s natural healing abilities, pain relief, spiritual & emotional cleansing.

Crystal Sound Bowls– Focusing on the chakras, vibrational healing uses sound waves to penetrate your body and stimulate healing at a cellular level, bringing the body back into it’s natural state of balance. You can feel the vibrations in your body, stimulating deep relaxation, increased relaxation levels, cleansing of your chakras, removing blocks, reduced pain, emotional release & energy balance.

Aura Photography – Provides insight into your Aura field, charka levels, emotional levels, vibration levels and more! See your energy in real time and the shift in your before & after healing session, take home your Aura Photo & detailed report.

Life & Business Coaching – Bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Reconnect with yourself, explore areas of concern, remove limiting beliefs or past conditioning with Timeline Therapy, or make the changes you desire in a supportive, safe & judgement free space.

If you are unsure on which package would suit you best, you are more than welcome to book in a

FREE complimentary, no obligation session to discuss your needs further.