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Bowen Therapy Mt Gravatt

Jaye Barros is a Bowen Therapist and Life Coach with The Balance Tree.

With a passion for holistic health and belief that nobody needs to live with pain - physical or emotional, she loves that both Bowen and Life Coaching delve into the source of the problem to tackle the real issues.

Whether it's Bowen for physical conditions and injuries or Life Coaching to clear negative influences and beliefs, The Balance Tree can assist your Life-Body-Balance.

Bowen Therapy uses gentle precise moves over tendons, muscles, nerves and fascia to help bring the body into balance. The body, in response, elicits deep, healing responses on many different levels. Due to its gentle moves, Bowen is ideal for all ages from babies to the elderly. It can assist in treating a wide range of conditions including stress, anxiety, asthma, sinus, digestion, skeletal problems, migraines, mobility, hormonal problems, muscular aches and more. If you've got it, we can Bowen it!

Life Coaching can guide you towards clearing negative influences, behaviours (particularly from parents), emotions and beliefs, finding your passion and purpose, and unlocking your true potential. Through guided one-on-one coaching sessions, we discover the root cause of the blockages that may be stopping you from becoming your true self. Life Coaching can help you discover a life full of success AND love AND happiness. Yes, you can have it all!

Consult pricing;

BOWEN THERAPY Initial - $90

BOWEN THERAPY Follow up - $70


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