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"Banging" Benny Kite 

Professional Boxer at Fortitude Boxing - Welterweight Champion

"I've been floating with the team at City Cave for almost a year now. In that time I have noticed many benefits to my training and wellbeing. Firstly how much better I am recovering from training. I train 3 times a day and often float when I feel like I'm going to struggle to give 100% in my last session but after floating I feel fresh as if I'm just starting my day. It's incredible how good it makes my body feel! Secondly it helps my focus, I treat floating like a training session for the mind. I don't go in there to sleep, I go into the tank to zone in and get focused on upcoming fights what I'm going to do in the ring and visualise the victory!"



David Mead

Professional Rugby League Player - Brisbane Broncos, former Gold Coast Titan

"I enjoy floating because of several reasons. 
  1. I realise how much unnecessary and uncontrolled noise, that creates anxiety, is within my own head.
  2. It's a very fast way for me to calm and relax my mind.
  3. I have the best sleep later that night.
  4. I feel like my muscles recover a lot faster after a float.
I'm glad I have found city cave because the experience has been very beneficial for me and I will be a user for life." 


Australian Cricketer - Australia Women, Brisbane Heat Women, Queensland Under-15s Women, Queensland Women, Yorkshire Women

“I got on to City Cave through my S&C coach at Brisbane Heat as my sleep pattern became out of whack due to lots of traveling and playing at all times of the day. I haven’t looked back since I started doing Flotation Therapy at City Cave and I would highly recommend to anyone with a busy schedule/life. It’s the perfect way for me to wind down after a big weekend of games or a massive day of training.”








Alex Hiam



A local Brisbane Vans prodigy. From a young age he has been BMX's biggest thing, competing world wide comes with a lot of responsibility for Alex.  City Cave has been  his place to reset, unwind and maintain a focus on being the best in his space

Faith Williams, Brisbane Float Centre, Bachelor Australia, The Bachelor

Faith Williams 

Lifestyle Influencer

"I’m a very go go go type personality and always need to be doing something so relaxing is not something I’m good at. Thanks to floating it has basically forced me to relax and unwind. I feel like I’m on cloud 9 every time I go."

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