Samantha Bachman

Metaphysical Psychotherapy and Clinic Nutrition| Samantha Bachman PHD

 What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a holistic engagement that focuses on the mental, emotional, relational or spiritual health of a human being. It is useful when psychological, developmental, relationship and wellbeing issues arise in life. A psychotherapist engages with a person or group in a process of working together to build understanding and acceptance of how the person makes meaning of their life. Together they create life giving solutions to old and new problems.

Samantha works together with you to help you understand conscious and unconscious aspects of your present lived experiences. This process may includes looking at how earlier experiences impact on your daily life and future.

In short Samantha works with all the reasons why we self-sabotage and works a complete lifestyle plan to get you on track to a new healthier and vital you.


Counselling Initial Consult $120

Initial consults with Sam is exclusive to a single session. Any appointments following your initial consultation are to be booked as a follow up consult. Extended for $149

Counselling Follow Up Consult  $99

Follow up consults with Sam are also exclusive to a single session. Any appointments following your initial consultation are to be booked as a follow up consults

Samantha Bachman is a woman of many qualifications, talents and skills. She has a PhD in Metaphysics, has had over 35 years experience in the medical and healthcare industry and is qualified in areas of Allopathic, Osteopathic, and Naturopathic Medicine. She is a well renowned global speaker, radio personality, published author, TV show host as well as nutritional (diet) and lifestyle coach.

With many years of looking at live blood and tissue samples under a microscope, study into Epigenetics, Bio-Energetics and the bodies innate intelligence, along with her work with a brilliant neurologist and neurosurgeon, doctor Melinda Pascoe, Samantha has developed a great understanding of the dis-eases and imbalances of the human nervous system and body as a whole. 

All Body Systems, (energetic, physical, emotional and nutritional), our Thinking, our Emotions, our Words and our Intent, are all connected. Samantha understands well how our inner environment behaves, especially when it is presented with challenges such as food and environmental toxins. However it is the body’s reaction to ‘Thought Chemicals’ that has consumed Samantha’s thoughts the most. She understands well how our feelings and emotions affect our bodies functioning

The fact is, we are all, a NETWORK OF SYSTEMS, both biological and non-biological, (living and non-living, physical and non-physical), that has evolved to collect and share information from its surroundings and experiences and transmit it to an ever-evolving conscious network of systems. 

Once we have an understanding of the ‘Process Requirements’ it is easy to change our life for the better and stop the self-sabotage many experience through their ignorance of how we function as a Biological Beings.

By understanding that we are a Network of Systems and hence are able to Transmit (and receive) Information and Desires that will enable us to, ‘move mountains’ [metaphorically speaking], Repair Damaged Systems and Enhance our Life as a whole, we are able to Take Control over our Body, our Health and in fact our Life as a whole. The KEY is in understanding the‘ Systems Language' and then sending the Correct Information, (systems input data) to Repair, Enhance and Harmonize that particular Target Area, which often includes our Thinking and Emotional state!

The Command System™ is quite simply the ‘Operational’ Language to enable a desired path to be created ahead of us, it’s as simple as knowing how to use this system, says Samantha.


Over 90% of dis-eases are either Diet, or ’Thought’ and ‘Emotion’ related or both. What we put in our body and our mind over the day – impacts us on a physical and spiritual level more than we ever thought possible. The solution to our problems is within us all as it has always been. It is in the understanding of this, [how to Command our life], that will free us from the problems of life we have inadvertently allowed to be created.

Most have little or no understanding of consciousness, free will and the powers we all have to create balance and harmony [or disharmony] in our body and life as a whole. Through Samantha’s teachings this is about to change.

Understanding how to ‘Command‘ our life enables a desired path to be created ahead of us, it’s all about knowing how to use the ‘Operational’ Language, says Samantha, and that is exactly what she teaches

Prepare to have your eyes opened to the workings of the Human Mind and Body.

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